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KW Interiors

Longton Group is an internationalized property group, dedicated to delivering premium quality property products and services across the Asia-Pacific region.

We take an innovative approach in designing and building of the apartments, to make each of Longton apartments a truly unique place our client can proudly call it home. We also specialised in providing real estate services to clients who are looking for a property for to live in or invest. Our team undertakes a detailed analysis of each client's personal and financial circumstances, and find the property best suited.

For the past decade, MD+A Architects has been delivering innovative architectural solutions designed to sit comfortably in the context of the urban landscape. As well as embracing everything from infrastructure to innovation and ESD principles, MD+A designs are characterized by the firm's commitment to delivering spaces and places that are both functional and inspired.

The Team at KW Interiors draws from vast experience within the industry as design professionals and educators.
KW Interiors places great emphasis on building strong relationships with clients, suppliers and contractors in order to achieve an outstanding design solution.